Rapid Development

This is what makes our political website design team different – Ozean Consulting understands the pressures of a political campaign. Ozean understands that we do not have the luxury of a 4 month web design & development cycle. As in most campaigns, it needs to get done–yesterday and fast.

Political Website Rapid Development

Ozean does not use templates in our designs; however, we have streamlined our approach to web sites. This allows your campaign website to be up and running quickly – what we call rapid web development.

Political web site development questions

Before we embark upon a web site design for a political campaign, we will ask that the campaigns compiles or discusses with us:

  • Content Management – who and approval process
  • Fund raising – merchant account information
  • Photos
  • Candidate Biography Information
  • Web site site map
  • Social Media Integration

With this information discussed and in hand, Ozean can enter into a rapid development phase of a web site.

Our award winning web design staff is standing by waiting for your call, your tweet, or your contact. To learn more about Ozean Consulting rapid web design for political campaigns, please contact us.