Video Production

Nothing but the best the video production. Everything we produce is in stunning High Definition, unless you dictate otherwise.

Ozean’s Award winning Video Production is known around Florida for high quality political work.

We pride ourselves on doing high quality, award winning work.

Political Television & Production

If you are looking for a company that can write & create scripts, develop concepts, hire excellent talent, film your video project in stunning high definition while paying attention to audio & lighting levels, edit your commercial using the latest technology, secure rights to music licensing (if needed), and add in the following : moving graphics, professional voice overs, & awesome sound effects, and finally output your project in the correct format – for television stations or the web – THEN Ozean is your type of company.

To be blunt, if you are looking for a $500 television commercial, Ozean Consulting is not a good fit for your campaign.

We have experience and have produced the following types of videos:

Video for Social Media Distribution

Traditional Television Production

      • Traditional Television Commercial – :60 second Television Ad
      • Traditional Television Commercial – :30 second Television Ad
      • Traditional Television Commercial – :15 second Television Ad

Long Form Video Production

      • Long Form Infomercial Television
      • Long Form Television Programming

Video for Internet websites Production

Video for the web: Video for incorporation into web site

Whether it is a traditional television commercial, video for your web site, or video for social media distribution, our award winning video work will exceed your expectations.

We hope that you will contact Ozean Political Consulting to learn more about our video production services political campaigns.