Fundraising Strategy

Unless one has raised money for political campaigns in the past, most do not realize how difficult it is to raise money for political campaigns.

Ozean has extensive experience in political fund raising and can assist you in developing budgets and fund raising schedules.

We can assist in the fund raising planning, but we can also show you how to raise political money effectively.

Here is what makes Ozean different: Ozean has raised money through the standard techniques and has raised money utilizing the strength of the Internet.

Political Fundraising Strategies

Ozean’s political consulting can assist you in developing the following areas of your fund raising plan:

  • Campaign Budgeting
  • Internet FR programs
  • Large Donor Programs
  • Fund raising event planning
  • Small donor Programs
  • Legal Environment
  • Fund raising Training

Ozean Consulting has two additional strategy primary areas of focus:

Whether it is a large donor program or utilizing the Internet to raise money, Ozean Political Consulting is ready to assist in developing your fund raising strategy.