Campaign Strategy

Political campaign strategy is the combination of experience, specialized knowledge, political research, and planning in order to develop a path to victory.

A Campaign Plan

Ozean’s political consulting can assist you in developing the following areas of your political campaign plan:

  • Campaign Context and Political Environment
  • Candidate Information / Profile
  • District Profile
  • Voter Profile
  • Opposition Profile(s)
  • Polling Plan and Schedule
  • Campaign Theme & Emotion Development
  • Campaign Calendar
  • Paid Media Planning
  • Earned Media Planning
  • Campaign Budgeting
  • Campaign Fundraising Plan and Schedule
  • Campaign Staffing
  • Campaign Communication Calendar

Ozean Consulting has two additional strategy primary areas of focus:

With over 20 plus years in political campaigning and technology, Ozeans political consultants are anxious to meet you and see if we are a good fit for your political campaign or ballot initiative.