Political Social Media

Ozean poltical consulting social media soap boxPlease indulge us for a second, but we must get this off our chest.  Our political consultants  are going to jump on our soap box for a minute about social media.

Political Social Media Soap Box

First things first: Social Media is NOT free. Social Media requires an investment of time, and as we know time is a scarce resource during political campaigns.

Next thing: Social Media is NOT to be left to the campaign intern.

Next thing: For the most part, Republican campaigns are playing catch up when it comes to social media engagement.

Final thing: Social Media is a critical part of any campaign communication strategy, allowing for vital, two way communication between the candidate, the campaign, and the voters.

It is time Republicans get serious about social media

Ozean Consulting has designed social media programs exclusively for political campaigns.

Steps of a Political Social Media Program

These social media programs have several major steps:

  • Agreeing on Accountability
  • Social Media Set Up
  • Staff and Candidate Training
  • Acquisition of fans/followers
  • Content Calendaring
  • Reputation Management
  • Reporting

All candidates have seen the potential of social media in political campaign – the good and the bad.

It is Ozean’s political consultants belief that the good far outweighs the potential pitfalls, and with proper program design and implementation, Republican candidates can benefit greatly.

We hope that you will contact Ozean Political Consulting to learn more about our social media programs for political campaigns.