IVR Polling

As you can read, It is time to put to rest the arguments against Interactive Voice Response or IVR polling polling?

Still don’t believe? Read this about IVR Polling from Mark Mellman.

Still not convinced about IVR? An IVR Polling Example

Political Polling | IVR Polling

IVR polling is increasingly become a tool for all political campaigns, if you properly know how to use the tool.

Alex Patton, Ozean’s owner, is a pioneer in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) political polling in use in the state of Florida. He is a founding partner of an IVR political polling firm.

Bottom line: Ozean Consulting has more IVR polling experience than almost all political operatives in Florida. We put that political polling knowledge to work for you.

Ozean Consulting hopes to hear from you soon regarding your political campaign and the possible use of IVR Polling.