Political Polling

Ozean’s political consultant have in excess of 20 years of political polling experience.

Whether a traditional benchmark poll, IVR polling, or tracking polling, Ozean has extensive knowledge in survey design, survey data collection, and survey analysis.

What also separates Ozean from other political consulting shops is the ability to translate the polling results into real-world, actionable strategy adjustments and tactical suggestions.

Alex Patton, Ozean’s owner, is a pioneer in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) political polling in use in the state of Florida. He is a founding partner of a political polling firm.

Ozean Consulting has the knowledge of when to employ this new technology or when to employ a more traditional polling method to best serve our candidates and their budgets.

Political Polling Bottom Line

Bottom line: Ozean Consulting has more political polling experience than most political operatives. We put that political polling knowledge to work for you. Contact us today.