Traditional Media Buying

Ozean Consulting has extensive experience in buying all media, but specializes in electronic media (television, Internet, and radio).

Types of Political Media Buying

We have bought political media for all types of campaigns:

  • Municipal Campaigns
  • County Commission Campaigns
  • State House Campaigns
  • State Senate Campaign
  • US Congressional Campaigns
  • Statewide Media Campaigns
  • National Media Buying experience*

Political Television Media Buying

Sometimes, there is nothing more cost effective than television. Of course the decision to purchase television ads will depend on the type of race, the geographic location, and other strategic factors. However, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that Ozean Consulting are experts at purchasing media and because of our political experiences know how media fits into the larger picture.

Political Radio Media Buying

Ozean Consulting purchases radio time when appropriate for the campaign. We may like the targeted demographic, we may like the qualitative numbers of the radio station.

Newspaper Media Buying

Magazine Media Buying

Outdoor Media Buying

Contact Ozean Political Consulting today to discuss your campaign’s concerns regarding political media buying.