What is a political LUC?

One of them most misunderstood aspects of media buying for political campaigns is the Lowest Unit Cost or LUC. We find that most media reps do not understand the Lowest Unit Cost concept and at times, the station does not.

Generally speaking, a candidate is entitled to the most favorable price offered to commercial clients inside certain political windows.

Without going into too much details, there are political windows for primaries, political windows for general elections, classes of time, equal opportunity, non-preemptible time, preemtible time, gross rates, net rates, make goods, etc.

The political LUC Summary

Bottom line: Political media buying can be difficult and requires specialized knowledge in order to acquire the lowest rates possible that candidates are entitled to by law.

Ozean political Consulting has been placing electronic media for political campaigns for over two decades. Ozean Consulting is able to remove the stress while achieving the campaign the lowest rate (lowest unit cost) possible.

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