Voter List Management

Political Direct Mail | Voter List & Data Mgt

It can be argued that a campaign is only as good as its data, and the basis for all campaigns is the Voter List or Voter data file.

These voter lists need to be constantly updated, cleaned, and augmented with additional data. This is called voter list management or data management.

The management of these lists can not be left to amateurs.

At different stages of the campaign, voter lists need to be householded, de-duped, NCOA processed, augmented with additional lists, and a multitude of additional requests. One mishandled request, can ruin a data file.

Our systems assure that we have the speed, accuracy, and security to handle some of the most complicated data processing tasks for our political campaigns.

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Please note that we do not service data files or voter files for campaigns as a stand alone service.  We provide these services when engage in a political campaign as a general consultant or direct mail consultant.