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Republican Political Consultant was quoted in today’s Ocala Star Banner on a story of the rise of the Independent Voter and what they mean to political campaigns.

Alex Patton, a Republican political consultant in Gainesville, said some of those voters are “truly independent” and some of them are “lowly engaged” in politics and register with a party for the sake of registering.

He believes they are “parked” outside both major parties for the foreseeable future and thus are “problematic” for politicians and strategists.

Voters outside the two-party system tend to be “fickle” right up to Election Day, Patton said, and as such, those voters have an impact because candidates must expend more resources trying to win them over — with no guarantee of success.

He added that it was too early to tell whether the GOP presidential candidates were losing such voters by offering staunchly Republican proposals in trying to win the nomination.

Yet, Patton had no doubt about their influence in November.

“The independents are going to decide who’s going to be president,” he said.

Follow the link, to read more of Republican political consultant Alex Patton’s comments on the rise of the independent voter.

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