Ozean’s Alex Patton quoted in Gainesville Sun

Ozean political consultants featured in the Gainesville Sun  Ozean political consultant, Alex Patton, was quoted in today’s Gainesville Sun.


Proposed transportation tax expected to face a bumpy road

Republican political consultant and pollster Alex Patton said he does not see a different result for a transportation tax in 2012.

He said 60 percent support in a poll is typically needed for a tax referendum to have a chance.

“With the other polling data that we have, I would be startled, literally just startled, if support was anywhere near 60 percent,” he said.

Patton said poll numbers from September were, to him, a signal that voters would be unwilling to support a tax that county commissioners place on the ballot. One question posed to 972 registered voters asked their opinion on the direction the county was headed. Only 28 percent said the “right” track, while 63.8 percent said the “wrong” track, Patton said.

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