Alex Patton, Ozean Consulting, quoted regarding US Presidential Campaign

tampabaytimesAlex Patton, political consultant from Florida, was quoted in today’s Tampa Bay Tribune and Miami Herald.  He is quoted along side Allan Bense, a former Florida House speaker and co-chair of Romney’s Florida campaign, and  Alex Castellanos.

Read more from Alex Patton about the Republican Primary campaign for President.

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  1. Stew Bolno says:

    Hello Mr. Patton:

    We are on the same team. In regard to our specialties, we don’t compete.

    I coached Jon Runyan (U.S. Congress) in 2010 and helped him defeat the incumbent ( . I have been appointed, by NJ Governor Christie, to be a member of the Housing Authority in my voting district. I ran for Congress in 2004 (

    My focus is on helping candidates connect more effectively, more often, with people. My work kicks in after guys like Frank Luntz tell them what people are thinking.

    Are you open for a phone conversation? I hope so!

    It just might yield something of mutual benefit.

    All the best,

    Stew Bolno

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