Presidential Visits to Small Towns

Ozean political consultants featured in the TC palm  In this week’s Treasure Coast Palm, Political Consultant, Alex Patton, was quoted in a story regarding the Presidential Campaigns visits to smaller towns in Florida.

But political consultant Alex Patton, of Ozean Consulting in Gainesville, said media coverage and humanization are possibly two of the most important reasons the presidential candidates are visiting small towns.

“Where the candidates spend their time, they get a favorable amount of press coverage,” Patton said. “Smaller news organizations will have, ‘he’s coming,’ then ‘he’s here,’ then ‘these were the reactions’ because this isn’t something they’re used to. That’s a few days of coverage, and if they’re coming to small towns near big cities, they have small and big media coverage. Romney has visited places like Apopka, near Orlando. Smart move.”


Alex Patton goes on to say

It’s a strategy by presidential candidates, Patton said.

“That humanizes them. They no longer are just a guy you see on television every night. This then becomes a guy who tried the pastrami sandwich at your favorite small-town deli. It’s important that they do these things,” he said. “Florida is a state that is too close to call. The candidates are doing anything they can to win Florida, and if that means passing through and holding a possum by its tail at a small town, that’s what they’ll do.”

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