Ozean Consulting wins national recognition for political media

We can’t release any additional details regarding Ozean’s win – because we don’t know any.  We have been notified that Ozean Consulting has won an award hailed as the “Oscars of Political Advertising”.

Winners, selected by a panel of judges representing the industry’s best campaigning experts, will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C. Winners represent the latest talent and techniques in this 8 billion dollar industry.

It is a very strange feeling in that I have not ever been a big award person, but in this case Ozean is excited about the win.   Too often political advertising is looked down on by the “real” advertising community – at times making me want to scream – “It is 9 pm – you design a piece tonight that moves a measurable needle 10 points-with little budget-in a crowded cluttered environment-NOW-and if you don’t you are fired-absolutely no second chances-see you in the morning!”

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