Hometown Democracy – The Political Consultant Relief Act of 2010

I got an email today asking if i was the person that wrote this original blog post. Yep, it was me. I am going to “reprint” it here for your enjoyment. I think it is as salient as it was when I wrote it a couple of months ago on this Ozean blog.

Here you go…..reprinted from 5/30/2010

Amendment 4 is better known as “Hometown Democracy” and might be the fight of the year. Placed on the ballot by petition, it says voters should have final say over amendments to city and county “comprehensive plans,” which control growth. – St. Pete Times

This should NOT be named “Hometown Democracy”. It should be named the “The Political Consultant Relief Act of 2010.”

Let’s set aside the fact that this proposed amendment is awful public policy.

If it were to pass, political consultants like Ozean will rejoice in the streets. You haven’t been witness to the sheer joy sure to come. You see, these do-gooders are providing the political consulting industry a bail-out package that will make the auto industry green with envy. Each proposed comp plan amendment must be taken to the voters? REALLY? AWESOME!

Political consultants will be forced to take hundreds of hours of testimony on congruency, traffic counts, proportionate fair-share, density levels, zoning classifications, and other EXCITING topics and boil them down to :30 second television commercials, direct mail pieces, website, and occasional radio spots. Political Consultants will be hired to help convince a public, that often can’t bring themselves to the polls, to vote for or against a proposed change in the comp plan. THAT WILL BE FUN……and expensive.

You love political ads? Then PLEASE, vote for the Political Consultant Relief Act of 2010. PLEASE vote for our bail out. My children will thank you.

I do think that the people of Florida are starting to realize how bad this amendment is for Florida, and will vote it down. However, if amendment 4 does pass, Ozean Consulting is poised for rapid expansion!

P.S. the ironic nature of this situation : the potential opportunity of tons of business being provided by do-gooders is not lost on us.

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  1. Well, Alex–You are a political consultant…so who paid you to write this?

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