Ozean Media mentioned by Susan Bottcher in 3.1.2012 Gainesville Commission Meeting

We at Ozean Media want to send out our sincere THANK YOU to Gainesville City Commissioner Susan Bottcher for giving us a shout out during last night City Commission’s Meeting.  As you can see, it was during a pretty tense exchange between her and Gainesville City Commissioner Todd Chase, but in this economy, we will take all the help we can get.

To put a cherry on it, this shout out became part of an exchange that made the region’s largest TV’s new cast (WCJB).

While Commissioner Bottcher may have a slight problem separating the services of Ozean Media from Ozean Political Consulting, we still appreciate our company’s name being pronounced correctly.

If you need any web development or services an ad agency would provide, please call Ozean Media or contact us.

Ozean Media and Ozean Political Consulting….making waves.  

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