Gainesville City Commission does NOT like diversity!

I have been struggling with my a way to kick off the Ozean Consulting political blog for a week or so. I thought stop trying to come up with the Home Run and just write.

Here goes…..

So, I have been experimenting with twitter lately (follow me). Looks like Gainesville City Commissioner Jeanna Mastrodicasa has also (follow her). She was live tweeting from the Gainesville City Commission budget hearings.

Here was our twitter “conversation”:

Comm Matrodicasa – Talking about revenues–all are down. A lot. #Gainesville

ME: @DrJtotheMastro Time to rightsize.

Comm Mastrodicasa – @alex_patton we’re working on it, although as a non-city resident you should focus on the county government.

ME: @DrJtotheMastro Thanks, but I will dabble in City Government too. Your decisions/costs affect people i do business with….or don’t.

This conversation is a symptom of the problem with Government.

If you agree with them, you are in their political club.

If you disagree with them, you are one or all of the following:

  • an idiot,
  • a simpleton,
  • cruel,
  • a non city resident; therefore, trivial,
  • a city resident that hasn’t voted,
  • etc

The bottom line on all of this is that this city commission is tone deaf.  They only care to listen to the small slice of people that elected them.  No dissent!  No other ideas from anyone else.   There is NO DIVERSITY of ideas at all – NONE asked for.

After-all Jack Donovan told an entire room to “Shut up!” a couple of weeks ago.  My 4 year old will tell you “We don’t say shut-up!”

Then this one, also from Jack Donovan, during the “debate” about implementing the new fire assessment tax:

One (person speaking in dissent) threatened to move because of high taxes — “or assessments or whatever they’re called.”

“Good luck finding a better place,” Commissioner JackDonovan said.

So there you have it, if you do not agree with the City Commission – don’t even bother – You will be told to “Shut up” or politely told to STFU and followed by a :”Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.”

This type of tone deafness leads to change.  When the government does not allow you to feel heard and respected –  trouble brews.

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  1. gvillejen says:

    I saw that Twitter exchange and was appalled by her comments to you! Is your office located in the City? Do you pay occupation taxes to the City?

    Jack Donovan’s comments were also appalling at the BCC forum. How could anyone vote for someone who has such disdain for the citizens he is representing?

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