Alachua Q4 Fundraising Totals

We are starting to see the Q4 reports show up for County wide candidates.  City Commission Candidates are now on a different reporting cycle.

Some notes,

The BIG winner in Q4 is County Commission Candidate Jean Calderwood.  She raised over $11,000 in Q4.

The average for all County Commission candidates this quarter was $3,608.75

Over performing:  Kutner, Martin, Calderwood, Cheshire

Under performing:  Boyer, Buchanan, Chestnut.

Cash on Hand Leaders:

  • Cheshire
  • Calderwood
  • Martin
  • Kutner

A special note:  I have heard specific rumblings about the anemic fundraising of Chuck Chestnut.  We very well may see another candidate enter this race because of it.

click to download the 2011_Q3& Fundraising Summary 

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